18th February

The results are now posted, subject to confirmation.

Thank you all for entering, and it was a good day, wasn’t it!

17th February 2017

Yes, it’s a go ahead tomorrow! Our coaches have described the river as ‘lovely’. There is very little stream and it should be comparitively warm tomorrow, though there are some showers about.

Please note that Sunbury Lock will not be manned. Molesey Lock will be but avoid between 1 and 2 as Steve will be off duty then. Race numbers may be collected from the clubroom at Molesey Boat Club from about 10 a.m onwards.

All trailers will be accommodated in Graburn Way or in the MBC compound. We will tell you where to go when you arrive.

After the event, everyone is welcome to MBC for tea, sandwiches, cakes and beer. The bar will be serving Oliver’s Island, Seafarers, London Pride, Honeydew, Peroni, 1664 and of course, soft drinks. Results will be announced as soon as they are available and posted to www.moleseyregatta.org.uk. Prize-giving will be at around 4 p.m.

Thank you all for your entries. They mean that about 350 masters are taking part.

The Start Order has  been posted again, with minor corrections to handicaps.

We checked the river this morning with good results, see under ‘river conditions’,

Trailers – please would you advise whether you are bringing a trailer. We hope that all trailers can be fitted into Graburn Way, but it is nice to know. You will be met by a committee member and shown a suitable spot. Mail mbc@moleseyboatclub.org.

The safety briefing for coxes/strokes will take place at noon sharp We want to start the race on time at 2 p.m, so please make sure you boat straight after the safety briefing at noon, which will finish at 12.20 latest.


The 2017 REGATTA takes place on the weekend of 15-16 July; a celebration of 150 years since it began.  “ABOUT THE REGATTA” (above) relates to 2016.  Although principally the same, it will not be updated for 2017 until after the Veteran Head.

Here is a link to Molesey Life Magazine’s section on the 2016 Regatta,    courtesy of Mark Goodman and the Magazine.  It features more than 50 photos.

Any comments or suggestions about the events would be most welcomed. Please send them to tbates8888@aol.com.

The poster opposite is courtesy of the London Transport Museum and dates to the 1920s.