The next Molesey Veteran Head is on Saturday 18th February 2017.¬† For full details select “Molesey Veteran Head” in the page header

The results for the July 2016 Molesey Amateur Regatta are  published here.

Here is a link to look at Regatta – courtesy of Mark Goodman and Molesey Life.

Any comments or suggestions about this year’s Molesey Regatta would be welcomed. Please send them to tbates8888@aol.com.

Thanks to all competitors, officials and helpers for making this a great day, in the true style of Thames regattas.

Next year it will 150 years since the first Molesey Amateur Regatta.  MAR will take place on Saturday & Sunday 15-16 July 2017.

The poster opposite is by courtesy of the London Transport Museum, and dates to a year in the 1920s