Alternative Arrangements Plan


Weather and River Conditions (Before the Regatta)       

– In the days leading up to the Regatta, the Regatta Secretary, Chief Umpire and Safety Adviser will confer at least twice (including the Friday preceding the Regatta) to assess river and weather conditions.

– Should conditions be judged unsafe to run the Saturday and/or Sunday Regatta

 (and such circumstances would probably include an Environment Agency “Red Board” event at Molesey and Sunbury Locks), the decision to cancel or curtail racing will be posted on the website, and if practicable participating clubs will be informed by e-mail or telephone.

On the Day (i.e. Saturday and Sunday)

  • The three officials named above will check the course, the river state and weather forecast, before the commencement of the day’s programme, in case of an unexpected and serious adverse change in conditions overnight.
  • In the event of such deterioration, the day’s programme could be delayed, altered or (in extremis) cancelled.

In the Event of a Thunderstorm during the Regatta

  • If there should be a thunderstorm sufficiently close to the Regatta site or course to constitute a danger, racing may be suspended temporarily. Marshalling and Safety launches will be informed by radio, and they will inform crews on the water  (eg that they should land).

PRJS 25th May 2019, reviewed 19th June 2021, 23rd May 2022, 30th April 2024