Emergency Response Plan


Assistance and Equipment Available

– 2 Rescue Launches patrol the course; they have water rescue and essential life-saving equipment on-board.

Marshalling launches patrol the areas above, behind, and below Platts Eyot (“Thorneycroft Island”). These are equipped with throw-lines, foil blankets and simple first aid.

A First Aid Team (paramedic team) will be based at the Regatta Finish. They have an AED (defibrillator).

– First Aid Kits are also available at Molesey Boat Club (in the gym/rowing tank), and an AED is on the wall of the entrance hall of the Clubhouse.

Procedures in an Emergency

In the event of an accident on the water, the nearest launch (or bank umpire) will:

Warn nearby crews to avoid the area (use megaphone)

Call the nearest on-water rescue boat (use radio)…. Which will rescue the individual(s) concerned and transfer them to the Ferry Landing (Regatta Finish).

Radio Race Control to inform them of the issue, and advise if Emergency Services (eg Ambulance) needs to be summoned….if so to which shore location.


  • Race finish at Hurst Park, Ferry Landing

(Road access via Ferry Road KT8 1SJ or Sadlers Ride KT8 1SU

  • Molesey Boat Club, via Graburn Way KT8 9AJ


Ted Bates (MAR Secretary)                    07951 638516

Patrick Sinnott (Safety Officer)            07884 438656

Andrew Ruddle (Race Secretary)            07946 528277

Fe Wood (Welfare Officer)                  07850 270002

And of course 999

In the Event of a Thunderstorm

The Race Committee will be alert to weather warnings and may delay/reschedule races if a thunderstorm should be close by and imminent. If necessary, instructions will be given by radio to all launches, marshals, umpires for racing to be suspended and for crews to get off the water.

PRJS. May 20th 2019, reviewed 19th June 2021, 23rd May 2022, 17th April 2024