About the Regatta

Molesey Regatta was founded in 1867 by Molesey Boat Club. However this was deemed to be ‘too much of an undertaking’ and Molesey Amateur Regatta was created as a twin but separate organisation and has remained that way ever since. The regatta receives considerable support from the club and club members, but runs itself and the Molesey Head Races. The regatta committee considers each year whether any surplus income from these events can be granted to the club. In the last ten years almost £17,000 has been given in this way.

Racing has taken place over the beautiful stretch of the Thames between Sunbury Lock and Hampton Church ever since the early days, but with several changes to the start and finish positions. The ‘Molesey Mile’ was one of the most famous and challenging courses and it included two slow bends in each direction – a deceptive course to win.

Nowadays the regatta is over two days – this being the only way to accommodate all the entries.

You can look at some of the history of the regatta; it gives a fascinating picture of some of the high spots in the past.