The regatta is on the  20th and 21st July. The first day holds ‘senior’ racing events, and the second day ‘junior’ ones. We are expecting almost four hundred crews. Racing starts early and will usually be at every four minutes right through the day, with a break for lunch.

Sponsors make a significant contribution to the regatta and will gain local publicity. Sponsors are very much encouraged to come to the regatta, and take part in an event that has taken place in Molesey for almost 160 years. 

Sponsoring an event is the way in which the regatta provides a contribution means. Events can comprise several races in a knock-out pattern with two crews in each race.

The sponsorship rates shown below are those are only slightly changed from 2021, but any amount of sponsorship would be welcome.


Eights                                                                               @ £200

Fours                                                                                @ £180  

Doubles                                                                           @ £160 

Singles                                                                              @ £130

Overall Regatta Sponsor (3 events)                 @ £320

Alternatively the regatta would be happy to accept sponsorship in another form such as the hire of a rescue launch, assembly of a raft , contribution towards the paramedic. Just get in touch to discuss.

We offer sponsors:

  • The good feeling of supporting a local Molesey event.
  • An entry in the programme.
  • An opportunity to advertise by banner or flyers.
  • An entry on the regatta website and a link through to your website.
  • An opportunity to present the prizes for the event you have picked.
  • A complimentary programme and free parking.
  • A photo-opportunity with your winning crew.
  • A black and white SPONSOR rosette.
  • A good day out by the river.

To discuss sponsorship please contact Ted Bates on 07951 638516 or by e-mail to moleseyregatta@aol.com.