This year is different. In view of the pandemic situation, we have decided to run the event on a Racing Only basis. This means that the two days of racing will be run as normal, but that in order to avoid queuing or groups of people, we will not be providing a bar, teas, or daytime or evening entertainment. Everyone coming to the regatta will be asked to bring their own sustenance. Spectators will not be encouraged or provided for, but the regatta is operating on public land, and the towpath and riverbank are open and not restricted – nice for picnickers.

We are taking this step with regret and believe it to be in the best interest of the community.

The regatta is on 17th and 18th July. The first day holds ‘senior’ racing events, and the second day ‘junior’ ones. We are expecting almost four hundred crews. Racing starts early and will usually be at every four minutes right through the day, with a break for lunch.

We still need sponsorship as we have cut out all social income and are relying on race fees alone. We know that the current situation is difficult for everyone. Many companies have been regular and valued sponsors for many years and have contributed much appreciated income – so the regatta is asking them to continue. The rates shown below are those for 2019 but any amount of sponsorship would be welcome.


Eights                                                                        £180     

Fours                                                                         £150  

Doubles                                                                     £130 

Singles                                                                       £100

Overall Regatta Sponsor (3 events)                      £280  

We offer sponsors:

  • Primarily the good feeling of supporting a local Molesey event which this year is one hundred and fifty two years old. The regatta is immensely helped by support from our sponso
  • Mention in the programme
  • Free parking.
  • A link to your website on the regatta web-site.
  • A sponsor rosette.
  • Presenting the prizes for the event you have picked.
  • Ability to display or hand-out material at the regatta.
  • A regatta medal, as a thank you.
  • A good day out by the river !


Contact Ted Bates on 07951 638516 or moleseyregatta@aol.com