Please note these details are subject to amendment

Entries will close at noon on Saturday July 10th


The Regatta Committee is very conscious of the need for a balanced and constructive approach to help clubs and crews get back into racing. At the same time, we are – as always – keen to see well-matched and competitive races. We believe that the following modus operandi and lists of events will work best in the current circumstances.

As has been the case in past years, our general approach for the Senior boat types shown will be to form a “Novice” event (for crews with low RP totals) and a “Regatta” event for the remainder – with possibly a “Senior” event if the RP profile justifies it. However, we firmly believe that the groupings should produce racing which is both fair and competitive and so we expect to form events of at least 4 or 5 reasonably well-matched crews; as a result it is possible that your entry may not be accepted into an event if its RP total is outside viable event ranges. Acceptance of this is implicit in making an entry.

For reasons of spacing, we will not be able to accept as many entries as in past years. That said, it appears that we are likely to be over-subscribed as clubs and crews restart racing. We are also, as a matter of fairness, very reluctant to close entries early.  Therefore, captains and coaches are very strongly urged to ensure that they only enter crews which are competitive for their points total – and, in the case of Juniors, competent to complete the course. Further, there seems little point in entering (and paying for) crews which are, in truth, likely to have to be scratched for reasons of holidays, boat availability and so on.

In addition to the events shown, further ones may be added – at the Regatta’s sole discretion – provided that they are made jointly by two or more clubs whose crews have roughly comparable points totals (Seniors) or handicap letters (Masters). Such requests from single clubs are unlikely to be agreed.

The other pages on this website are still under construction/revision, given the current state of Covid lockdown.

Senior and Masters’ events, Saturday 17th July 2021

  • Senior and Masters’ events are held over an 850m downstream course.
  • Racing will be held from approximately 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The Regatta will be run in morning and afternoon divisions as shown below.
  • All events are offered separately as open events or women’s events, with some mixed events.
  • Masters’ events will be handicapped; see under.
SENIOR O & W 1x 2x 2- 4x- 4- 4+  
SENIOR MIXED           4-    
JUNIOR under-18 O & W 1x p 2x p   4x- a 4- a    
MASTERS O & W 1x a 2x p 2- a 4x- a 4- p 4+ a 8o p
MASTERS MIXED     2x a     4- a    
GARRICK O   2x p          
Entry fee £   14 28 28 56 56 56 112

There will be Morning and Afternoon sessions (Divisions) of racing. Requests for doubling are invited but only on the clear understanding that they will be granted ONLY if the events involved are in different sessions.

Masters events will be held in both morning or afternoon sessions according to the “a” and “p” markers above.

J18 events will be held in both morning and afternoon sessions, according to the ‘a’ and ‘p’ markers above.

Doubling in these events is only permitted if the events entered are in different sessions.



  1. All Masters events will be arranged solely on the basis of age/letter handicaps, as has been the case in previous years.
  2. For ALL Masters events, entry should be made to Masters A and BROE will automatically generate the correct age classification letter.

In respect of mixed and Masters events, your attention is drawn to the BR Rules of Racing, section 4 – in particular 4.5.

Note especially that, whatever the description forced by BROE, any/all mixed Masters events will be treated as Masters Mixed (and NOT vice versa)


  • All entries are subject to the conditions of entry (see below)
  • There are special entry criteria for Garrick Doubles (see below)


Junior events (J13 to J16), Sunday 19th July 2021

  • Junior events are held over a 500m downstream course.
  • Racing will be held from approximately 9am to 5pm.
  • Racing will be held in three waves, each comprising one open and one girls event in different boat types.
  • The precise organisation of the waves will be decided at the time of the draw.
  • Depending on the numbers of entries received, the events may be sub-divided.
  • All events are offered separately as open and girls events.
  Coxed Quads Doubles Singles
J16 Coxless
Entry fee £56 £28 £14
  • All entries are subject to the conditions of entry (see below)
  • Doubling is permitted only when the two events are in different waves. Any doubling between age groups is done entirely at the competitor’s own risk. Trebling up – across or within age groups – is not permitted
  • In events where there are fewer than 4 entries, crews may be moved up an age group unless there is a specific request not to do so on the entry form. [Providing the crew still qualifies against British Rowing rule 2-3 (g)]
  • If the regatta is over subscribed, entries will be reduced using a number of criteria: the primary one will be that doubled-up competitors will be reduced to one event only.

Garrick Doubles

  • This is an open double scull event.
  • The crew must contain one person who has a total of fewer than 100 ranking points across both disciplines at the time entries close. For the avoidance of doubt, this means that the person’s (Rowing PRI Max plus Sculling PRI Max) totals fewer than 100 on the day that entries close.

Victor Ludorum

  • The C W Kent Trophy (Victor Ludorum) will be awarded on each day of the Regatta to the Clubs which gain the most points on that day, as follows:
  • Winners of any eights event (if held) – 3 points
  • Winners of each fours or quads events – 2 points
  • Winners of each doubles, pairs or singles events – 1 point


Entries are accepted subject to the Rules of Molesey Amateur Regatta but competitors should also note the following points:

  • The number of races each day will be limited to approximately 125-130, depending on recommended Covid-compliant spacing at the time the draw is made. 
  • Entries must be paid before crews will be entered into the Draw.
  • No refunds will be made for entries withdrawn after the closing time for entries (“scratched”).
  • If the Regatta is cancelled or curtailed because of weather conditions or other reasons outside the Regatta’s control, a proportionate refund will be made taking account of costs incurred.
  • The Committee can accept no responsibility for competitors’ boats and equipment, and competitors leaving boats and equipment at the Regatta site do so at their own responsibility.
  • All participating clubs must advise the Admin/Results Desk of the contact phone number of a club member who will be present the whole day.
  • SPECIAL COVID PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES FOR 2021. Each club within easy reach will have ALL its numbers delivered to a named individual only, by arrangement on either 15th or 16th – clubs from further away will have to collect them as early as practicable on 17th or 18th. BROE will close for substitutions at 22:00 on 16th and 17th (MAR & MJR respectively), and it is essential that any made after these times/dates are HANDED IN at the Results desk. There will be no electronic communication channels available for this purpose.   



  • Trailers may NOT be left on the regatta site overnight, following an incident in 2014.
  • By arrangement with the Regatta Secretary trailers may be left in the Molesey Boat Club compound.



  • Payment may be made either through BROE, by bank transfer to the Regatta, or by cheque posted to the Regatta Secretary c/o 22 Vine Road East Molesey KT8 9LA.
  • The Regatta bank account is Molesey Amateur Regatta 20-90-56 40677833.