Regatta Shops

Lots of interesting articles at this year’s regatta – take a look around when you can. Local people selling local things!


 Angela Saint                Jewellery

 Psyche                         Clothes and Accessories

 Ikkara                          Hand bags and Scarfs

 June Douglas              Jewellery

 Adrienne Shaw           Organic diffusers and skin care

Honey Bee Candles    Handmade beeswax candles, beeswax food wraps,                                       no-palm-oil soap and wildflower seed mix


 Beatrice Leung            Organic diffuser

 June Douglas               Jewellery

ROCK THE BOAT – A selection of rowing accoutrements

And of a different nature:

ICE CREAM near the marquees

D&E PHOTO – on site rowing and spectator photographs

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