MVH River Conditions

Here is the BBC Weather Forecast.

Here is the EA River Status.

17th February 2017

We have checked the river again this morning, and just confirm what was said on Wednesday. It’s a go ahead for Saturday.

Here is our own assessment on 15th February 2017:-

This is to record that 3 of us met this morning to discuss river conditions in the context of this coming Saturday’s Veteran Head – with 59 registered entries. As of today, the Molesey stretch has only a moderate stream, no EA stream warnings, and a 100 second reading on the stick test (thus a large safety margin). The weather forecast for the next few days is suggestive of little change so it seems very likely the event can safely take place. For good order however we should reconfirm the position on Friday morning… But this can be achieved by phone or e- mail.

Patrick Sinnott
MVH Safety Adviser