MVH River Conditions

Here is the BBC Weather Forecast.

Here is the EA River Status.

16th February 2018

We have decided to go ahead – unanimous view of the three designated observers, unless conditions change drastically.

The reach has now gone YELLOW DECREASING.

The stream stick test this morning recorded 55 seconds past Molesey Boat Club. Our limit is 30 seconds. The Molesey lock keeper’s view is that we will come off YELLOW today, but there is till quite a lot of water to come through.

The wind has calmed down and it is sunny. It is forecast to be like this tomorrow and maybe a little warmer.

The weather forecast for Saturday is 10 degrees and partly sunny with winds of 15-22 kph.

The water is cold and will be for the race.

Ted Bates, Secretary

Patrick Sinnott
MVH Safety Adviser