The next Veteran Head will take place Saturday 17th February, 2018.

The following and the rest of the web site relates to 2017 although, in essence, the event will remain the same.

—————————————————————–2017 ——————————————————————

The Head will take place Saturday 18th February 2017 on the 2850 metre downstream course.

Masters eights, fours and quads. Junior Octs and 4x+ and Explore 4x+. Entry fee £11 a seat.

Entries close on Sunday 12th February at 6pm.

Only paid entries will be included in the start list. Please enter through BROE. Payment may be made directly to 20-90-56 40677833, or through BROE.

Please read the safety and other documents, which are on the submenu.

The race will be held under BR rules for processional races over the 2850m course from Sunbury Lock to Hampton Church.

The river state can be checked from the Environment Agency’s website., and a local update will be available from here in the week before the event.

A hardwood shield carrying the MVH emblem and year will be awarded to the winning crew in each category. We will be using the BR handicap system based on a 9 minute standard time to award shields, but the finish order will be established by actual time. Shields will be awarded when three or more crews enter a class.

Trailers – it would be helpful to know whether you are planning to bring a trailer.