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Present: Andrew, Mark, David, Fe, Rob, Ben, Ted, Anne, Geoff, Steve

Noted with regret the deaths of Bernard Lardner, and Malcolm, Elaine Green’s husband – President to make contact.

Mark Stollery was welcomed to the meeting as Chief Umpire for the Heads.

1  Heads Responsibility List – responsible person to comment on his/her section

  • Entries – Junior Div 1 – 92, Junior Div 2 – 75, Masters 59. Entries are to stay open until February 8th as advertised, then formula to be applied to limit divisions to 75/60. A note has already been sent to Junior clubs.

  • Umpires – Ok, ten recruited and a couple of spares.
  • Marshals on the water – recruitment under way and launch identification. A meeting is to take place between Ben, Andrew and Ted to clarify arrangements. Noted that all marshalling is now to be on the Middlesex bank – unless river conditions at the start disallow this.
  • Admin and Publicity – all in hand, medals due for delivery, permissions received, mailshot sent to clubs, junior medal presentation to be replaced by medal collection at MBC, a banner ordered, extra food points planned  to avoid queuing, café closure avoided and an accordionist will play after the masters division.
  • Construction – 3 portaloos ordered, arrangements for parking on double yellow lines almost concluded, Sadlers Ride under consideration for overflow parking, permission received from Cricket Club to assemble boats, permission received from Octagon residents to use north side of Riverside (chairman to be asked to inform residents), permission to be sought similarly from Berkeley homes group.
  • Communications – in hand. Final numbers are being checked.
  • Catering – the plan is to do sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee in the Members’ Room as normal, keep the café open for a restricted menu until normal closing and the bar throughout the afternoon, and have a mobile food vehicle (Haloumi Bites) to the side of the forecourt. The café area in the main clubroom will be reduced to allow for race administration. It is felt that this satisfies the club’s wishes regarding the café, and provides more choice for everyone – rowers, parents, organisers and public. It is admitted that this may be an ambitious plan, but we are going to try it out, then review it for next year. Final arrangements with Cavan are in progress. Refreshment vouchers will be accepted in the Members’ Room and the bar, but not at the café.
  • Timing – in hand. Times should be ‘immediate’, but results not posted until any penalties from the umpires have been received.
  • River condition check – to be on Wednesday and Friday (if cleared on Wednesday) by Mark, Andrew, Ted and Pat. MBC regulations are to be taken into account. Continued marshalling on Middlesex is also to be reviewed.

This review accounted for all the ** items on the responsibility list (4), and most * items (14).

2  Notes from previous meeting (amended)

Noted that the decisions made at this meeting without a quorum present, had been unanimously accepted by those absent. All decisions are therefore deemed valid.

3  Wash up notes – it is suggested that as there are 11 pages only the highlighted items be discussed – of course anyone can pick others.

We didn’t really go into this item in its own right – everyone is urged to read their sections of the document and action where necessary

4  Views on the information system from test members.

A fledging system had been created by the Secretary and released to six ‘guinea pigs’. Mixed views about the need for it and its purpose were expressed. It was agreed that Ted and Geoff would work on it after the Heads, that it would then be released to the whole committee and a further view taken.

5  AOB

Helpers Drinks – Tuesday February 25th

Next meeting – Wednesday April 8th. Washup arrangements still to be decided.

6  Date of next meeting

Attachments were: Heads Responsibility List, amended Notes from previous meeting.

Ted Bates, Regatta Secretary

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Elaine Green 07778 668019 Steve Matley 07973 727457
Geoff Brown 01483 751176 Ted Bates (Secretary) 07951 638516
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