Medical Advice

4. Medical Advice for the Molesey Veteran Head


Advice What MVH has done What YOU should do
Have emergency team on the water
Two rescue launches and six marshalling launches with safety equipment and radios Call or signal for help
Have first aid team present St John Ambulance unit at the club/finish with radio Call for help
Handle boats to avoid strain or risk   Lift in and out carefully
Observe lifejacket rules All officials equipped Coxes to wear lifejackets
Take care getting in and out of boats Long landing stage, raft marshals provided Remove your boat and oars quickly
Avoid collisions on the water Course diagrams, instructions and briefing Read and follow instructions, keep clear of other boats
Make arrangements for treating hypothermia All boats carry foil blankets and throw lines. Warm boathouse and showers Get out of the water as safely as you can
Watch for signs of over-exertion   Watch the man ahead, warm up properly
Handle food carefully Handlers are aware. All food is freshly made Wash your hands after using the toilet
Check for health and safety hazards The club area has been checked Don’t leave equipment in the way of others
Avoid the effects of cold before and after racing   Warm up before boating, and wrap up whilst waiting for the start

 Advice received from local NHS Trust

Revised: 16/1/17