Junior Draw

MJR draw 2018 TO PUBLISH FINAL V2 – updated 17th July 2018

Here is the Junior Draw.

Please note the following.

We are pleased to publish the draws for the Molesey Regattas next weekend. It will help if you can carefully note the following:-

  1. a) The Saturday Regatta draw proved rather awkward, not least because of a wide range in the number of entries to Senior events, and the consequent need to split them into tiers. We have tried hard to fit in with doubling requests, but it is possible that a clash might come about in rounds after the first. If there are any problems with the draw as it is now, please get in touch asap. On Regatta day, if a clash become apparent after your first heat please visit Race Control immediately.
    b) The Sunday Regatta was over-subscribed by about 60-70 crews. Clearly, to produce a viable day, some had to be refused and as we have done in the past our main working principle was that nobody would be left without a race. Also, we tried very hard to share the reductions in proportion between clubs. As it turned out, the result of this double-sweep was that a viable (but very full) day is possible if the breaks between Divisions are reduced to nominal ones only. It is accepted that this might mean a finalist in one Division prima facie having to race in a heat shortly afterwards, and again you are urged to contact Race Control as soon as possible if this come about.

Further, the timing of races is very tight and it is therefore essential that your crews boat in good time OR any problem is referred to an Umpire or Raft Marshal asap. Also, it is clearly in your crews’ interests that you keep your ‘phone turned on and audible at all times.

  1. c) For both days. We anticipate a few scratchings between now and the weekend. Please ensure that any scratch you make is recorded on BROE in good time, and also note carefully that there will be NO row-overs in any heat or semi-final. We shall of course endeavour to advise those whose opposition has dropped-out, but it would be helpful if you could check when collecting crew numbers.


BROE will be closed for subs at 0900 Friday 20th for MAR, and 1900 Saturday 21st for MJR. Any subs to be made after those times must be advised to Race Control well before the crew’s first race. You are reminded that undeclared subs will render a winning crew liable to disqualification, and give any/all crews problems with individuals’ points records.