DRAW NOTES as at 13th July 


Updated versions of both MAR and MJR draws were posted at about 19:00 Tuesday 13th. There are two reasons for this.

  1. Both draws had a very small number of typos or crossed crew names, which have now been corrected. There have been no changes to any substantive details like times.
  2. On the MJR draw there have been a number of scratchings forced by Covid rules. The opposition crews affected have been contacted, but for the avoidance of doubt this update reflects the new position as at about 18:00 13/7/2021. Sadly, more such scratchings are possible but to avoid multiple versions of the draw being in circulation further updates will NOT be posted. If one of your crews has their opposition drop out, you will be told individually.        


In view of the current Covid situation, and after taking advice, we are waiving the 50% substitution rule for both days under Rule 7-2-4 e.

This is subject to two caveats:-

  1. a) the crew descriptor must stay the same – that means that, say, an OJ16 2x may not be replaced by a WJ14 1x and
  2. b) in terms of ability you are asked to replace like-for-like to the best of your efforts and personnel available. 

Any crews scratched due to Covid will have their entry fee refunded in full.,

Reminder; over the Regatta weekend, as part of the Covid procedures, there will be no weighing-in of coxes, and you will be required to confirm that all your coxes are above the relevant minimum weight. Further, winning crews must only send one representative to collect their medals.