Draw Notes

The updated draws for both Regattas are now published.

There can be no further late changes, for any reason.

The draws include about 10-12 race changes, which have come about due to scratches, re-timings, misprints and so on. Every effort has been made to contact those affected, but you are VERY strongly urged to check this new version to ensure that the information you currently have is correct.

This applies especially to those racing between 1400-1600 on Saturday.   

A totally up-to-date timetable will be at Race Control from 0700 hrs each day.



You are reminded that crew numbers 1 to 40 only will be issued between 0700 and 0900 hrs.

Masters crews are again reminded of Rule 7-2-4-d. 

BROE will be closed for substitutions at 1800 hrs on Friday. After that, subs can ONLY be handed in at Race Control on Saturday.



Crew numbers will be available for collection after 0730 hrs.

BROE will close for subs at about 2000 hrs on Saturday. After that, subs can ONLY be handed in at Race Control on Sunday.

Keen timetable watchers will have noted that Wave 1 has a surprisingly high number of coxed quads included. It would therefore be very helpful if you could arrange for your cox(es) to weigh in early and not leave it until the last minute.

Further, if they may need deadweight it would be a good idea for them to bring some along ready and not have to go and find some … with the consequent delay.


“All Masters crews shall race at their age category as shown in the draw and substitutes shall not be permitted if they would result in making the crew ineligible for that age category.”