Having reviewed the risks from Covid-19 involved with running the regatta, the risks and actions shown below have or will be taken. These are in addition to the Regatta’s ‘normal’ risk analysis (see Covid Guidelines from British Rowing (currently v.12) will be followed.

Risk: Transmission in general
The event is outdoor.

Risk:  Transmission between over-large groups of people
No marquees – admin carried out from 3 open gazebos.
No bar – eliminates queuing and grouping risk.
No refreshments for the public or competitors – eliminates queuing and grouping risk.
No daytime entertainment – reduces spectators.
No evening entertainment – discourages spectators.
Advise no spectating where possible to clubs – discourage spectators.
No publicity – discourages spectators.

Risk: Transmission between groups of athletes/organisers
Race intervals increased from 3 to 4 minutes to reduce activity.
Ensure adequate separation between boat trailers.
Extra volunteers in boating area to ensure distancing between crews.
Separate boat rafts for outgoing and returning crews.
Provide additional marshals to advise those on the bank and the rafts to maintain distancing.
Refreshments for volunteers provided in pre-packs.
Reduce contact between participants and organisers – in two separate areas.
Eliminate prizegiving.
Reduce the number of normal volunteers to a minimum.

Risk: Transmission by contact
Clean and sanitise toilets every two hours or less.
Advise clubs no accompanying spectators unless vital.
Provide Covid informative signs in crew and admin areas.
Provide sanitisers in crew and admin areas.
Participants advised to bring their own food and drink.
No cash to handle.

Risk detection
Test and Trace – maintain records of all competitors and volunteers.
Provide an NHS QR code checking in point.

Risk administration
All volunteers and officials will be fully briefed on the regulations relating to COVID-19, and to the best of their and our knowledge, will be free from any infection or disease.

All volunteers will be reminded of possible symptoms of COVID-19 and instructed to inform the Secretary at once of such symptoms.

Ted Bates, Regatta Secretary      07951 638516                          5/7/21